Connie Weil

Connie Weil

Professional Photographer

I have been in love with photography as a hobby for a very long time. Photographing a memory, having it last a lifetime and passing it down for future generations.

That indeed is a passion of mine, creating memories for a lifetime, sharing it with family, friends, and for clients. 

I’m a member of Detroit Professional Photographers Association (DPPA), Professional Photographers Association (PPA) and Motor City Camera Club (MCCC). Have won numerous awards in competitions.

My photography business consists of the wedding, portraits of any style, children and senior citizens.

Taking pride in what I do is very important. Giving the client the best of the best images. The love and empathy I have for people helps me tell their story through life experiences.

Photographing a client’s emotions in an image to tell their story of that moment in time is what I enjoy doing, or helping to share their journey of life.


I am very excited to announce that my company is expanding to commission work and working with clients that need images for their business and websites. I’m very passionate about helping our military personnel, and veterans as much as possible including firefighters and police officers. So offering military and veteran discounts are one way to pay it forward.

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